Hi there and welcome to my blog!

I’m Michaela and I am studying MA Managing in the Creative Economy at Kingston University. This blog is part of my programme as a method or reflection on my journey to understanding design thinking and finding the bridge between creativity and business. (Yes, I do get a grade for it, so please be nice!)

With background in stage management and event production, I have been surrounded by creative people my whole professional life, but I’ve never considered myself to be one of them.

After finishing my BA at RCSSD (yes – a drama school, no – I’m not an actress) and a year full of work I felt drained and uninspired. I needed to find new inspiration and broaden my horizons. Theatre has become my life, but I needed more. I wanted to explore the creative industries as a whole and get a grip on the whole creative business thing.

I love storytelling – in every shape or form. And I am super excited to see how it can be used in businesses – of every shape or form. Because I know it can be!

So, here I am, studying MACE at Kingston and finding inspiration every day. I’m excited to explore the creative economy, innovation and maybe even find creativity within myself.

Wish me luck and drop by sometimes to read about this crazy journey!